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Legit Artists in the NG audio Portal

2011-06-09 04:15:35 by Mr-green-apple

So I figured i found the best way to weed out the shitty producers on this site...come to my page for the legit artists : )

1.adsubzero02.djInTheDark03.Electrical Bypass04.DJT3chnic05.xKore06.MadamEdea 07.gavkay2108.DISTRIX09.Lithorph10.Bla ckParchment11.BrokenCrossfader12.Elect roGirl13.Teck07114.zizox15.nDozer16.B0 UNC317.Carbo18.DjEagle19.Pyroific20.Au ecs21.DJ-VIZ22.Bahdshah23.DjKarma24.Kr 1z25.Rig26.Lasj27.FlamingFirebolt28.Zi elak29.ilovereason30.TripleStar31.Terr or-Proof32.paranoiddj00133.Yourz-Truly 34.KorpzeAudio35.DJ-Janze36.Koriigahn3 7.Desyre38.ParagonX939.Yodamanjaro40.c himairek

to make this ez for your self click on my favorites tab at the top and go to my artists. Waaalaaaa


my hero

2011-03-07 17:53:39 by Mr-green-apple

love this guy

my hero

This kid needs to be removed from NG

the cancer of the NG audio portal

kandyland 7

2011-03-04 06:17:26 by Mr-green-apple

you know its a party when you see this

kandyland 7

Back in buisness

2011-02-26 09:54:18 by Mr-green-apple

New lap top+ vengeance+nexus 2= <3

Realize what you have before its gone

2009-11-13 16:04:27 by Mr-green-apple

I will never find love like the one i had...never

Audio Portal

2009-05-05 05:56:53 by Mr-green-apple

The Audio portal has been infected by morons

Ed Banger Records

2008-12-06 15:01:40 by Mr-green-apple

Ed Bangers are some big come ups in the electro field. Definitely check out Justice, Sebastian, and Busy P.


2008-09-19 21:27:26 by Mr-green-apple

so i just met Amy and she's probably one of the coolest producers here. she's hooking up the synths and teaching me new shit. check her stuff out she's SUPER RAD!!! 1jzE 4TdQ

Doin work

2008-07-23 15:42:30 by Mr-green-apple

Im actually spendin time on tracks to make them just a tad more proffesional. Also been listening and trying to imitate my favorite traks. Hopefully ill make something worthy of the TOP 5!!!!

check out my top 5 at

and fellow bedroom producers hit me up at