Doin work

2008-07-23 15:42:30 by Mr-green-apple

Im actually spendin time on tracks to make them just a tad more proffesional. Also been listening and trying to imitate my favorite traks. Hopefully ill make something worthy of the TOP 5!!!!

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2008-07-23 15:44:52

darknessdweller wuz here.


2008-08-10 13:09:47

LOL try to stay active and practice makes perfect. X3
-Nao waz here-

Mr-green-apple responds:

as in active in fl studio?? i try dude. when i jump on Fl it burns up so much time. when i sit down and work on a track ill be there for like 4 hours and it felt like 30mins. I got things i want to do and friends are always callin me. maybe when i get older illl spend days at a time in the studio. ive been listening mainly to electro tho lately


2008-09-17 19:17:31

dont worry so much about making it to the top five. if you make something good people will know. :} you dont need a list to tell you that.