the cancer of the NG audio portal

2011-03-04 19:39:50 by Mr-green-apple

This kid needs to be removed from NG

the cancer of the NG audio portal


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2011-03-07 14:52:51

How about you stop whining like an immature little girl and grow up. Just some advice ;)

Mr-green-apple responds:

how bout you actually learn how to make good music and then you can talk to me


2011-03-07 16:46:36

How about you learn how to actually make music, instead of making a bass line then throwing samples on top of it ;)

Mr-green-apple responds:

sorry i actually put vocals in my song lol sorry


2011-03-07 16:50:06

Or how about this even, you think your music is so awesome, how about you go and review something I made? If it's 'shitty ass music' then go tell me whats wrong with it, I haven't ever seen you review any of my work with actual criticism that is worth anything. Where as I mostly only leave reviews with actual constructive criticism.

Mr-green-apple responds:

i cant even listen to your music because its soooo bad but hey ill do you a favor and give you an honest review


2011-03-07 17:04:51

Lol you cant listen to it, but you will review? How can you give an honest review without listening o.O (derp)

(Updated ) Mr-green-apple responds:

oh i listened to your best***cough* terrible track and it was tourture. probably rather get kicked in the groin


2011-03-07 17:29:36

Lol by best you mean first? Good job, you found my oldest upload o.~ derp


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