Audio Portal

2009-05-05 05:56:53 by Mr-green-apple

The Audio portal has been infected by morons


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2009-05-05 09:09:33

So that means you must have done something to it.

Mr-green-apple responds:

yea im making it better ; D


2009-05-22 06:15:59

No shit? seen the weekly 'bests' from the last months?

My gód, i'm so pissed off sometimes. x]

Mr-green-apple responds:

yea it sucks. there is hella legit artist in the audio portal and they just get shitted on. i know the good people so i guess thats all that really matters


2009-06-05 02:48:14

Hey man, you're still melting faces. Been too long since I checked your profile. Glad to see you pumping out goodies :D Keep it coming.

Mr-green-apple responds:

thx for stoppin by!!


2009-06-18 15:16:50

Well that's newgrounds for you.


2009-06-18 15:17:46

Plus all the midi rips/loops get in the top 30, and everyone raves about them when there just a pile of shit.

Mr-green-apple responds:



2009-06-29 15:21:05

Am I a moron?


2009-10-20 12:40:48

I could not agree more...